Social Services at Cosmos House

a. Serve the Cow : Rs 2000 & multiples, Cows will be fed Grass, Nutrients, Medicine etc.

b. Serve the Birds : Minimum Rs 1000 & multiples, Birds will be fed grains & medicine and given shelters.

c. Serve the Stray Dogs & Cats : Minimum Rs 2000 & multiples, Stray dogs & Cats will be given food, medicines etc.

d. Serve the Poor : Minimum Rs 3000 & multiples, Poors will be served food & medicine etc.

e. Serve the Old & abandoned people : Minimum Rs 5000 & multiples, Old & abandoned will be given food & medicine.

f. Educate poor children : Minimum Rs 5000 & multiples, poor children will be given fee, books, bags, stationery, food, medicine etc.

g. Educate Girl Child : Minimum Rs 3000 & multiples, Girl child of needy will be given fee, books, stationery, food, medicine etc.

h. Help poor build Toilet : Minimum Rs 10000 & multiples. Poors will be help in building Toilet.

i. Help poor with Medicines : Minimum Rs 5000 & multiples. Poor will be given medicine for fever, BP, Diabetese etc..

j. Legal help to women for domestic & social justice : Minimum Rs 2000 & multiples..

k. Legal help to poor and needy for social rights & justice : Minimum Rs 1000 & multiples..

Important Note : Wherever applicable, GST/Taxes will be applicable as per existing rules.

Note: We Also Accepts Paytm Payments on 9920456732