What is Astrology ?

It is a Science which deals with Human future based on Karma. An Astrologer predicts future by analytical study of positive indications depending upon placement of various planets in Individual's horoscope comparing with the limitations caused by other factors.

Astrology is an advisory science which informs an individual about the favorable time and fore warns about unfavourable time; so that individual can make use of the advises by appropriate doing Karmas.

Traditional and Vedic Astrology predictions are ruled by position of the fastest planet 'Moon' at the time of birth while Western astrology depends upon the position of Sun at the birth time. Therefore, the predictions of Traditional and Vedic Astrology are more accurate.

Few Corporates also Study seek Astro Imprints of Short Listed Candidates while Selecting them for Key Positions. They also take Vastu Consultancy for their Business Offices and Plants.

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